Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy

Step 2: Decide how you want to record the information you find. 

Organizing your information from the very beginning will prevent confusion and duplication of effort. You can see by this chart how much information about one person is available!

Traditional ways of collecting genealogical information include paper files kept in folders and notebooks and family pedigree charts. 

Genealogy software programs are the easiest way to create a family tree because they automatically organize your information and are searchable. 

You can create a free family tree online through websites such as Family Search and Ancestry (there are other sites out there too!) Some people want to keep their family information completely private, and purchase software programs that can be loaded on to their personal computer. A simple search on the internet for genealogy software programs will provide you with a lot of information. Before you choose, think carefully about how private you want to keep your family information.