Newport Nuggets… gems from the RFL scrapbook collection

History of the Newport House and the 1908 Renovation

The original Newport House was built in 1814 by Col. William Cheney, and was kept for a while by Capt. Joel Nettleton, who greatly enlarged it and continued as proprietor for more than 20 years. Since his day it has been kept by Parker Nettleton, James Kendall, Stephen Day, W. C. Colston, Samuel Emmons, Milton Glidden, Ira M. Clark, David B. Jones, Cross & Ayers, J. & H. G. P. Cross, E. L. Putney, A. J. Smith, B. R. Ferrin, F. L. Hutchins, and now Mr. Smith, mentioned above, has returned as the present landlord. The original building was burned in 1860, and the present structure was erected the same year by the Messrs. Cross, assisted by liberal contributions from the citizens of the town. The opening was a brilliant social event, taking the form of a leap year party which occurred Dec. 14, 1860. It was purchased by Mr. Putney in March 1866, and with the exception of a short time in the 70s when it was leased to H. A. Averill, he continued as proprietor until his death in 1898.
In this picture, from top right: Newport House 1908; S. M. Richards, Owner; B. H. Cutting, Owner; F. L. Hutchins, Retiring Proprietor; E. L. Putney, Proprietor for Over 30 Years; A. J. Smith, Present Proprietor; Sam D. Lewis, Supervisor of Remodeling; E. A. Robinson, Remodeled Building

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