Summer Reading 2017

Summer Reading is  more than half way done, and we’ve had a TON of fun. We’ve visited with Blades the Bruin and been on TV and the front page of the Eagle Times, had a bunch of stuffies sleep over, read over 600 hours, and won a LOT of ice cream cones.


Summer Reading Events Still to Come:


July 20th 3:30 Plant a Better World: paint a little flower pot and plant a seed to take home!

July 24th 2:00 Write a Better World: Join us for a world-building writers workshop, for young fiction writers.

July 27th 3:30 Tie Dye your T-Shirt on the library side law. (Please bring your own white shirt or other items to dye).

August 1st  4:00 Frozen T-shirt Contest with International Workcamp Volunteers

August 3rd 3:00 Simon Brooks storytelling performance and Ice Cream Finale. Celebrate all the wonderful reading you’ve done with fun, ice cream and prizes for everyone.



Reading Initiative:

Everyone’s goal is to encourage Newport children to keep coming to the library and keep reading all summer long, so that even children without many books at home will be better readers in the fall. Providing access and encouragement to as many children as possible will help reduce the summer learning loss that causes an achievement gap to open up over time between children with different backgrounds. The Richards Free Library summer reading program provides 6 weeks of fun, enriching programs that are free and open to all, and will also provide participants with a reading log to keep track of progress toward the 10-hour goal, rewarding children along the way to keep up motivation. Grazi’s Market, Coronis Market, and McDonald’s are generously providing ice creams or grinders to children who meet the 10 hour reading goal.