Historic Newport Newspapers

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Newport‘s historic newspapers can now be searched on-line. The library’s 123 rolls of microfilm have been scanned and indexed. You can search by name, event, date or key word.



Getting Started

Recommended browsers: Firefox and explorer

Install the most recent version of Adobe Reader

Install the Snapshot tool on Adobe Reader toolbar


Search by simple keyword

Advanced Search screen: by exact word or phrase; plus other options

Search by date: Click on title of newspaper, then choose year, month, day

Results are returned by relevancy or frequency of occurrence

After selecting the desired issue of newspaper, the search term is highlighted

To copy an article:

Choose “Download page” icon located on right of bottom tool bar

Open with Adobe Reader

Right click on tool bar… show edit tools

Select Take Snapshot, to place on tool bar

Click on Snapshot and select article  Section is automatically copied

Paste to word document and Save or Print

To print entire page, use print icon on toolbar