1921 Images of Newport

Richards Free Library Digital Collection: 1921 Images of Newport, Goshen and Croydon

The purpose of this project is to share images of Newport, North Newport, Croydon and Goshen taken in 1921 by the Rev. David Lewis Yale.

Rev. Yale came to Newport in 1918 during the influenza epidemic, and because there was only one other minister in town, he also served the neighboring communities of Goshen and Croydon. Rev. Yale remained in Newport until 1923 but returned in 1937 with a valuable gift: the photographs he took while a resident. At that time, he presented two wooden boxes of these glass lantern slides to the Richards Free Library.

Our thanks go to Jim Perkins of New London for digitizing the glass slides and to the New Hampshire State Library for not only funding but providing one-on-one instruction (Thank you, Bobbi Slossar!) on how to create this digital collection.