Congratulations to Sy Montgomery!

On Saturday, August 7th, Sy Montgomery accepted the Hale Award for literary excellence across the 31 books she’s published during her career as an author so far. She’s written incredible nonfiction titles for adults, as well as many picture books and nonfiction books for children. Come into the library to find many of Montgomery’s books on display and see what all the hype is about!

In her talk, Montgomery spoke about looking for teachers beyond classrooms throughout our lives, and how fulfilling it can be to find non-human teachers in the animals around us. We have so much to learn when we are willing to open our eyes and ears. She shared with us the touching story of the octopus she made friends with at the New England Aquarium. You can read all about it in The Soul of an Octopus.

Thank you so much Sy Montgomery, the Hale Award judges, RFL Trustees, John Lunn, Pris and Jerry Hagebusch, and all our other wonderful volunteers!

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