The 3D Printing Process

We’re getting a lot of interest in our 3D printer, “3D-PO,” and we love explaining how it works! As well as printing out a lot of little white Easter bunnies, we’ve been printing something a little more practical this week: picture frame replacement parts! It is the perfect example of what this technology can do.

This picture frame has a broken screw-clasp.

We were able to work with the patron to design a 3D model of the screw-clasp. Actually, we designed 3 slightly different models in order to find the best fit.

Then we printed out our models on the 3D printer!

When they were done, and all sanded up and perfect, we tested them out! One of them fit! We were able to fix this old picture frame perfectly, instead of having to throw it away.

Good work, 3D-PO!



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