Build a Fairy House RAIN DATE

Wednesday, July 12th at 11:30 am

Update: It’s raining this Tuesday morning, so we’re bumping forward our fairy house making until tomorrow after storytime! See you then!

Come to the library side lawn to make a house for the fairies! Many materials will be available, but we encourage you to bring some of your own as well– that’s the best way to make sure you’ll have what you need!

Our library garden fairies only like to live in houses made of all-natural materials. Look for loose bark, stones, ferns, twigs, pine needles, etc. Please be respectful of living things while you gather your materials– living trees need their bark!

This program is free and open to everyone who believes in fairies, from age 0 to 105! Join us in our efforts to build a better world– one that’s filled with wonder and magic and respect for nature.

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